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Who are we? What is going on?

by Sarah Hobbs on March 1, 2018

Who are Tattoo Tailors?

The artists come from all over the world, we have a tattoo designer who lives deep inside a Favela in Brazil (with very limited, unstable wi-fi) we have a tattooist who is incarcerated in jail in the United States (he is a bit mental and I am not joking), an Animator from Paris (yeah, properly chic) a photo illustrator from Fiji (yep, fucks about on the beach all day), and of course everywhere amazing in-between.

A few years ago I had the displeasure of making a fool of myself while trying to get my first tattoo designed and inked. Feel free to read my earlier blog titled: My first horrific Tattoo shop experience.

In short, because of my terrible experience, Tattoo Tailors was created.

We custom design our clients (you) a tattoo picture that they can take to any tattooer, anywhere in the world to get it inked.

We currently have just over hundreds of tattoo designers… and counting.

owl watercolour tattoo, custom designed tattoo

Every single design…… every single one, is hand drawn first, sketching, evolving, growing before it is superimposed or perfected for the viewer’s eye.

We love to show our clients all of the original hand-drawn designs as well as the finished piece. Some of the artworks can take days, even weeks to complete.

dragonfly tattoo, thigh tattoo, custom designed tattoo

I have spent almost a year searching for fellow tattoo designers and illustrators and have seen thousands and thousands of tattoo artwork.

Hours, days, weeks, months glaring into the depths of online society, desperately searching for brilliant artwork, don’t forget that many designers are not natural sales people and hide their art or are too shy to promote themselves in anyway, so I have had to dig deep into blogs, posts, weird websites and strange articles to find them.

full sleeve tattoo, custom designed tattoo

Every single designer has been personally chosen because of their amazing designs. We are lucky that those we wanted, agreed to join Tattoo Tailors on our new journey when we were tiny and just starting out.

Our job is to take your ideas, your thoughts, no matter how raw and turn them into something truly unique that can be inked. This takes some serious skills. The artist gets waffled and rambled at (which is good, that’s when the real information comes out about a client idea) and the mad mind of the artist starts whirring…… then we go underground for a while and poof…. your mad ramblings are now alive on paper.

We create artwork from any description. The artists specialise in many different forms. We have geometric structured art, Trash Polka, Traditional, Watercolour, Japanese, Portrait, Religious Themes, Memorial, Cartoonists, Vintage, Pin-Up, Futuristic, you get the idea. There is not a Year 100 BC of the pre-Julian Roman calendar to 2016 that we can’t cover.

trash polka tattoo, chest tattoo, custom designed tattoo

Artists need a focus, see, what artists often do is spend their spare time drawing in any event, trying to create imagery, its a great feeling being able to focus on a client’s specific ideas and pushing boundaries whilst seeing the client fall in love with the design as it evolves, it is very empowering to an artist and really makes them glow inside.

If a person is described as “arty” at school but has no outlet it is very saddening, I am greatly behind paying people for their talent and their mind, why should a free-range human being, be doing the wrong job that hurts their innate soul, just to pay the bills to live.

It is mindbending and cruel. So these “arty” people should always have somewhere to go and even better, their great artwork and designs live on and on…. in this case in the form of a tattoo.

Oh and I understand the “lifers” in jail we have as artists are kept calm by doing your drawings, no lie. Your request is literally preventing riots from breaking out.

Get yourself Tailored…




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Sarah HobbsWho are we? What is going on?

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