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Why Future & Young Thug are amazing & I am shit

by Sarah Hobbs on April 3, 2018

Whilst Futures’ tune “Mask off” has been playing on repeat without me realising, I have spent two hours changing seven lines and about 50 words on our homepage – why?

Because I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing. A web designer would have smashed it in 12 seconds whilst scoffing Pringles and watching Twitch.

Did you know this particular Future video has over 274 million views  – over a quarter billion views, how does that shit even happen? I love it, appreciate I’m a year behind in saying this, but that is a tune.I never realised he was saying the words “Mask Off.” What a dude.

futures tattoos

Nice tattoos fam.

Instead of wasting time fiddling with images on the website, which I think look brilliant right now – but will look bad tomorrow, I should have been doubling down on social media as I am not someone who can command 12M followers on Instagram having posted absolutely nothing – do you have any idea how unbelievably cool Futures Instagram page is?

I am in awe of this, it is without question the coolest Instagram page, ever. What a commandment that is.

Future the rappers instagram page

This is the coolest Instagram page, ever.


But I’ve lost my way with it.

quick tattoo design

This is all I managed to alter after 2 hours

Everyone wants to see lots of images, everyone wants to read how positive things are.

Well, they are positive, jeez I love our tattoo crowd. Its why I breathe, but I feel like everything I am doing is so pointless.

Every morning, I open my eyes (I think) squint, badly, do the hand grabby phone off the bedside table, rip out the charger thing,  whilst knocking off eyemasks, used cotton buds, half empty bottles of water to see how many orders came in overnight, this is apparently my “Oxygen.”

What I spend all my time doing, if I can get away with it, is Tattoo Tailors.

In any way I can, I will avoid going out, at all, ever, any time of the day, avoid the phone, avoid cooking food, avoid drinking water, avoid the cat when he squeals for attention, all of it, I will sit for an unmeasurable amount of time analysing Facebook or Google Algorithms or CSS code that could be improved and on it goes.

I’m not even saying the half of it, as that will make me sound batshit crazy, but in short, I think I am completely and totally addicted to this succeeding.

I can’t be arsed to listen to anyone who doesn’t feel the same.

There goes the oxymoron.

Am I addicted to it succeeding or am I so desperate for people who felt like me to find Tattoo Tailors? Disheartened by the industry.

It’s both you see, if they are not finding us, we have no voice and without the voice, we are not changing anything. Low orders mean no one knows we even F@C*#NG exist and there is my problem, right there.

So I put out content which is the best of my untrained ability without fancy cameras / models / famous actors and hope that it goes viral.

Phaaaaa haaaaaaa haaaaaa I am hackling like a deranged mental patient without meds right now…as I would not dare consume such shit content, myself. I expect the best, but it has to be real, I expect truth but it has to be polished, I expect to see growth & progression.

Instead, I put out (love the word, curated, shame I can’t use it here) content that no one really gives a fx@k about.

In the early days, I threw a lot of money at Social media managers,  I spent thousands on Facebook & Twitter advertising, then I realised at that time, people were not buying directly from those platforms, the processes were not as smooth as they are perhaps now, what I needed was Google’s psychotic little bots to get to understand my website and treat it fairly so that when people did type in Tattoo design etc, people could find us easily.

angry little bots

Rare image of Google’s little angry bots.

I thought you could just rock up to The Google Bot private party with your shiny new website and they would let you in, give you Champagne and then chauffeur drive you to page 1.

After receiving really sporadic orders, I rang Google in desperation and they were amazing, World-class, helped me onto the right path and took time with me but in short, I needed at least 9 months of decent online presence in various forms, for their grumpy little bots to actually like me.

Some amazing things have happened for us like discovering a Tattoo handbag we designed 2 years ago has just hit Harvey Nichols, had a slightly pathetic hope that we would suddenly blow up.

The likes are lovely but we gotta eat, right?

We are now stable on Google & life is good there.

So here’s to round two of diving right into our social media again – holding our nose, wish us luck. we also have our original website designers, uber-hip London people OvernightSite who are going to take over my car crash of mistakes on the website and make everything OK again.They will bleach my horrendous blunders.

This time we will play to the voice of Young Thug – who is without question one of the most stylish, persevering, classiest rappers, ever.

young thug cool clothes

A human who has worked so hard to get where he has. The boss.

I wish I was just him right now. Full stop. But he got here by perfecting his tone & image over a period of 12 years from being a kid, he worked so much, how he didn’t lose his way is beyond me, he curated (ha, finally got to use it on someone worthy) his style & craft. It’s only now that it looked easy, he made it look easy.

We have no real idea of the grind he went through to get here.

His successes have come because of extreme perseverance & resilience.

Young Thug – Today you have given me faith, Thank you  – You are the boss.


Best wishes Tattoo Tailors. 






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Sarah HobbsWhy Future & Young Thug are amazing & I am shit