Exclusive insight into real tattoo design requests

by Sarah Hobbs on April 23, 2018

These are real tattoo design orders and we love every single one.

When we talk about the order process, people don’t quite believe it until they see it in action.

Sometimes we receive a random attached image as a guide, maybe a screenshot from Google images or Pinterest …sometimes we receive no images to work from, only the client’s words we have to begin creating a design.

Like this one ….

“Can you design the rest of my sleeve for me, can it blend with my old tattoos?”
Yes, of course, please send us photographs of your current tattoo, we will see you in 10 days, my friend.


tattoo cover up design


We got you,  no matter how weird.

” Can you design me a leg calf tattoo – of Koi Carp fish with a Dragon theme, I want colour but I am not sure about colour”


Koi carp leg tattoo

koi tattoo designs


” Can you design me a Giant Thor, hand-drawn style for my stomach – with a hammer, I can’t draw for shit “

Thor tattoo design


” The best guitar in the world is a Gibson Les Paul, I want that perfectly, with skull & roses for my arm, don’t forget how shiny the guitar needs to be”

gibson les paul tattoo design


“I would like an Egyptian cuff tattoo representing good and bad, life & death, lots of colour”

egyptian tattoo design


Just to keep proving these are very very real…..


tatto designs


Delivered in 10 days…


stairs tattoo design


“I would like a non-mainstream solar system but can’t seem to find anything I like to help with ideas”

solar planet tattoo design

Example …. This is a real screenshot from the order screen on the website.


tattoo design order online


The image on the right is a screenshot of a google search sent to us by the client, the image on the right is what we delivered.

pocket watch tattoo design


We swear these are real screenshots…..


order a tattoo design


The image we delivered on the top –  against the bottom two “Inspirations” sent to us by the client.

unusual tattoo designs

We keep rolling, never knowing what we will open up on the order page.
Love every single idea, that mean the world to people.
We get it.
Thank you.

Tattoo Tailors.













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Sarah HobbsExclusive insight into real tattoo design requests