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Badass Tattoo Designs

by James Knight on June 18, 2017

We have had some Badass designs going out.

Check the uber cool bloke sporting one of our tattoos for visual effect!

From Wrists to Legs and Arms to Chests.

We are going all in today. Decided to lay a few down right here.

skull and rose tattoo design

Full on Gothic Design. By telented Alyona Fedorenko.

Imagine the orders and what they say?

These are Dead true requests:

“I would like a Pirate Ship tattooed on my ribs, I want to see ghost-like pirates & jewellery spilling out of large chests, I like hand drawn style Black & Grey art. Sorry dont have any imagery as a reference”

pirate ship tattoo

Hand Drawn Pirate Ship Tattoo by Rui Plee



“Please see photo of my dog attached, his name is Wilson, I like Geometric patterns can you draw him only using Patterns?”

geometric tattoo

Geometric Dog Tattoo design by the beautiful Colleen Ellington


We got pencils, pens, computers, paper, software but most of all we have mad minds.

Honestly there is nothing we cant conjure up using just your words


pocketwatch tattoo

Meeting the Devil at the crossorads by the fast designing, talented “z”


So a big shout out to the all the Tailors today.

You’re doing global humans proud by creating some badass tattoo designs.

Keep it going.

Oh & we have added a few new flashy bits, not much. but a few to the website.

Help Yourself


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